Murray Nielsen

Murray Nielsen


Murray Nielsen is a partner at Lewis & McNamara and embodies the firm’s ethos of innovation and passion for client advocacy.

As a senior family lawyer at Lewis & McNamara, Murray has a proven track record in both in and out of court settlements. His wealth of knowledge and experience of family law matters, combined with his dynamic application of the law has earned him an impressive reputation as a formidable proponent of his client’s rights and entitlements.

Murray is heavily invested in the long term sustainability of outcomes for his clients, ensuring that they are empowered to move on from the breakdown of a relationship with clarity, security and closure.

Understanding that family breakdown can impact anyone, regardless of their financial status, Murray accepts Legal Aid instructions and volunteers with the Taylor Street Legal Service.

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Murray provides clear and decisive advice on:

Family Law

Our team of family law specialists offer clear and concise advice on a range of matters, including; Divorce, Separation of Assets, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Spousal and Child Support, Domestic Violence Orders (DVO).

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